Where are my translations?

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at gmail.com
Sun May 30 17:26:51 BST 2010

2010/5/27 lafeber-dumoleyn2 <lafeber-dumoleyn2 at zonnet.nl>:
> As a member of the Dutch translation team I have translated the
> (upstream) documentation of gedit, Empathy and Gnome-utils. In the
> beginning of April I sent the .po-files to Gnome-nl, where the files
> were committed.

It does not look like they have been committed in either trunk or 2.30 branches:

So it looks like gnome-nl would have messed up something in
committing. If you submitted the translation via l10n.gnome.org web
interface, the commit rights owner _can_ select "Committed"
informational message from the menu even if he didn't actually really
do the actual git commit.

> At Gnome-nl they say it is ubuntu's responsibility to publish the
> translations. But who is responsible: ubuntu-translators or ubuntu-nl?
> How does it work? Should I have imported my translations in Launchpad,
> or is this done automatically?

Documentation is (generally) not done in Launchpad, but comes directly
from upstream, automatically as part of the GNOME releases. However,
since you mentioned beginning of April, another thing comes into play
- GNOME 2.30 was released already in the end of March. This means that
your translations should have been committed both to trunk and the
2.30 branch so that they would also be included in 2.30.1 / 2.30.2 /
etc. point releases. Then one still needs to make sure Ubuntu takes
those specific point releases to lucid, which is not automatic but
made if eg. meaningful bug fixes - or translation fixes - are done in
those point releases. Currently gnome-utils upstream has not released
any point releases, but empathy and gedit have. Gedit in Ubuntu has
been updated to a version from 13.4.2010 (it would thus include your
translation if it was there), but not the exact point release, and
empathy has seen a couple of patches but no point release update yet.

That's just to explain the thing in general, of course it doesn't
matter for this specific case as the translations aren't committed to
GNOME anyway for some reason.

> Will my translations appear in a language update? And if so, when?

To re-iterate this more briefly: if you get the documentation
translation into 2.30 branch in addition to the "master" or "trunk"
development branch, it's possible to be included in lucid but does not
happen automatically. There is no reason though why it couldn't be
done. For example, I'm waiting if there would be a point release of
gnome-bluetooth which now has Finnish documentation translation in the
2.30 branch, to ask for inclusion in Ubuntu. If it doesn't appear, I
consider asking updating the gnome-bluetooth simply to the latest 2.30
branch commit instead.


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