Where are my translations?

lafeber-dumoleyn2 lafeber-dumoleyn2 at zonnet.nl
Thu May 27 08:18:20 BST 2010

As a member of the Dutch translation team I have translated the 
(upstream) documentation of gedit, Empathy and Gnome-utils. In the 
beginning of April I sent the .po-files to Gnome-nl, where the files 
were committed. I am sad to say that, although I have sent them on time, 
they do not appear in Lucid Lynx, where I still get the English version. 
What happened to my translations? Have I done all the hard work for nothing?
At Gnome-nl they say it is ubuntu's responsibility to publish the 
translations. But who is responsible: ubuntu-translators or ubuntu-nl?
How does it work? Should I have imported my translations in Launchpad, 
or is this done automatically?
Will my translations appear in a language update? And if so, when?
I would really appreciate it if someone can help me on this, because it 
is rather frustrating to do all the hard work for nothing.

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