Establishing and maintaining a relationship with upstream and some other questions

Moritz Baumann flamingmo at
Tue May 25 16:30:07 BST 2010

Am Dienstag, dem 21.05.2010, um 19:00 schrieb Adi Roiban:
> > Additionally we are trying to divide work (who does what) within the
> > translation group. (some people prefer to work "offline" with a
> > program like poedit). It's annoying that each person needs to go to
> > wiki and write they want to translate some program, and then people
> > need to check the wiki to be sure they are not duplicating some
> > other's people work. Also sometimes people start working but forget to
> > write it in (or remove it from) the wiki, which can lead to confusion
> > and duplication of effort.
> > It would be great if the information about "reservation" of
> > translation would be available in launchpad directly next to the
> > package name. Similarly a name of the proofreader could be specified.
> This problem should be solved by nailing bug #221
> ( ) but this require a
> redesign of the current translation page as it is already full of
> information.

Probably not, since the bug report links to a blueprint which is completely 
unrelated (about commenting on certain translations).

A simple reservation feature would probably be much easier to implement and 
doesn’t have to add too much information to the translation page (nothing 
except from a short notice).



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