Establishing and maintaining a relationship with upstream and some other questions

Andrej Znidarsic andrej.znidarsic at
Fri May 21 14:51:12 BST 2010

Hello !

I am a coordinatior of slovenian ubuntu translation group and I was
wondering what are your experiences with establishing and maintaining a good
relationship with upstream.

In what way do you divide work as it can be somehow tricky to determine what
is upstream for some not obvious packages ?
In what way you handle bug reporting ? Do you fix it in launchpad or forward
it to upstream and wait for them to fix it or both ?

Also i was wondering if anyone knows if there are any plans to enable
control of proofreading. Even though the people in translation group are
generally experienced translators they are still humans, and sometimes make
To ensure best possible quality of translations we were considering that one
person proofreads other's person translation.

Additionally we are trying to divide work (who does what) within the
translation group. (some people prefer to work "offline" with a program like
poedit). It's annoying that each person needs to go to wiki and write they
want to translate some program, and then people need to check the wiki to be
sure they are not duplicating some other's people work. Also sometimes
people start working but forget to write it in (or remove it from) the wiki,
which can lead to confusion and duplication of effort.
It would be great if the information about "reservation" of translation
would be available in launchpad directly next to the package name. Similarly
a name of the proofreader could be specified.

How are other teams coping with these issues and are you aware of any
similar solution which would make organization of work easier ?

Thanks for all the help

Upanje je v naših odločitvah.
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