No russian translation of sound applet and mail applet in gnome panel

David Planella david.planella at
Wed Mar 24 12:30:43 GMT 2010

Hi Игорь,

Thanks for the new feedback.

El Mi 24 de 03 de 2010 a les 09:08 +0100, en/na Fran Diéguez va
> On 24/03/10 07:42, Игорь Зубарев wrote:
> > Thanks, David
> >
> > Now sound applet is OK.
> > Mail applet has no translation.

has been fixed in the upstream project and will make it to the Ubuntu
package soon.

> > Also computer-janitor 

That's, will
be fixed in the next round of Lucid language packs in a couple of days.

> and Broadcast Preferences have not Russian
> > translation.

Yep, that's again

> >
> I think this is a cross-language bug, in Galician language appends the same.
> I hope devs will fix those.

Yes, these particular ones will be fixed soon, and 

In any case, for those of you with coding skills, once the cause of the
problem is detected is relatively trivial to fix translations bugs in
the majority of cases. Remember you can also contribute to this.

Bug is a good example to
see how all this workflow works (bug, discussion, bzr branch, merge
proposal, merge accepted, fix committed, fix released). In this comment
[1] I also tried to summarize the process to make it easier for
developers to merge the changes and accelerate the fixes.

I should probably write some documentation for this as well :)



David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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