ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu: contemplating some string changes

Gabor Kelemen kelemeng at gnome.hu
Wed Mar 24 10:29:37 GMT 2010

Timo Jyrinki írta:
> 2010/3/24 David Planella <david.planella at ubuntu.com>:
>> It would be interesting to hear what other teams say, especially those
>> who have already completed translations.
> +1 otherwise, but in these kind of "small changes in original strings"
> situations I'd prefer some place the current translations would be
> kept. There is effort put to those, and if eg. the English string has
> one word changed, the high quality translation should not be lost by
> forcing all translators to think about the new string from a fresh
> start.
Gettext's fuzzy matching could be used here (like on a per-template 
basis), but that is is bad, mmmkay? :P
However, your translations are not lost:
click the "Translation details" link, then on the "filter" link besides 
the translator names under "Contributors to this translation". You can 
add &batch=300 to the end of the address, so you can see more of the 
existing translations, including obsolete ones. For example, in 
ubiquity-debconf, my old translations are marked by a ~: 
 From this point, copy-paste is easy - I do this whenever they correct 
some typos in the ddtp templates :).

Gabor Kelemen

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