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> Hi all,
> As not everyone has got an area of expertise across all localization
> subjects and languages, we're trying to create a list with contacts with
> people or teams who can deal with more technical questions related to a
> particular language, especially about fonts and scripts.
> We will use this list to approach the contacts when questions arise on
> their area of expertise, and if they've got a Launchpad account, we'll
> assign the related bugs for them to be aware of and provide some input.
> I've started the list on:
> Please, add your details there if you think you can be a technical
> contact for your language, and help us making Ubuntu better for all
> languages. If you know someone else who could be a contact, please, let
> them know about this list.

... also, I forgot to mention that if you haven't added (or updated)
your team details in now is also a
good chance to do it as well :)

I'd like to get rid of this table at some point, and that each team had
this info on their Launchpad page, but for now it's quite useful to see
how to contact teams and their coordinators, and for translators to take
a peek at the other teams' resources :-)


David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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