Launchpad messing with the translaions?

David Planella david.planella at
Tue Mar 16 12:08:37 GMT 2010

Hi Khaled

El dt 16 de 03 de 2010 a les 13:21 +0200, en/na Khaled Hosny va
> While working on Lucid translation, I'm seeing many weird things (that
> is, above the usual launchpad weirdness level).
> * indicator-session containing translations we didn't approve, I've bee
>   told that those came from the 'upstream' launchpad project, and that I
>   should translate it there. But, the "upstream" has no translations
>   available!

I cannot actually remember it right now, but it could have been that the
upstream project was open for translations for a while, and that the
permissions were set to Open. That might have been the problem.

We try hard to let developers know about translation permissions [1],
and recommend using Restricted or Structured permissions, but sometimes
projects are still set up for Open translations. Whenever I see that, I
recommend developers to change it, and I encourage translators to do it
as well.

I'm not sure who recommended you to translate upstream, but I can
confirm what you already saw: indicator-session is only currently
translatable by Ubuntu Translators, and the upstream project is
currently not open for translation.

> * too many of the fixed translations in update-manager, that we fixed in
>   earlier releases, were reverted to the old, buggy (i.e. causing
>   software crashes!) translations, the corrections are available as
>   suggestion though!

I'm not sure what happened there. I know that Michael (mvo), the update
manager developer, exports translations from Launchpad from time to
time, but the upstream update-manager has no translation template

You might already have corrected the invalid translations, but could you
point us to them (or just paste here the correct and incorrect ones), so
that it is possible to track this and we can submit a bug if necessary?

> It not like I need more reasons to hate launchpad, but please, please
> help us to at least maintain some sane translations on this insane tool.
> Regards,
>  Khaled (who is really upset right now)



David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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