Answers Section - 4 questions to help with?

Tom Davies tomdavies04 at
Tue Mar 2 00:26:49 GMT 2010

Hi :)

In Answers Section we have 4 un-answered questions that someone on the translators lists might be able to help with

1. Tamil fonts?

2. Someone posted in non-native language and in wrong place so no-one sees the question.
Можно ответить на русском
don't know what that means (their name?) or which language it's in? If
you know the language please help them re-post their question

3. "Can anyone make translatable templates for kdetoys?" is the question in this link

i have lost the 4th question & it's from a week or more ago i
think. I will hopefully try to find it again in a couple of days.

note that if you are unable to help with any of these then don't
worry.  Several people in the translators lists usually do help and
it's often different people about different things at different times.

Good luck and regards to all from
Tom :)

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