Changes in ubiquity-slideshow translations

Fran Diéguez listas at
Mon Mar 1 13:56:22 GMT 2010

Thanks for the advice David,

at Galician we are reaching the 100% of translation. There vill be some 
future modifications or they are the final strings?


On 01/03/10 14:40, David Planella wrote:
> Hi translators,
> Some of you have already noticed this, but the Ubiquity Slideshow
> translations at:
> have now slightly changed. Here's how:
>        * All the separate templates have been merged into one. This
>          should help translation work and maintenance.
>        * There are now translation templates for Kubuntu, Xubuntu and for
>          the upgrade process.
> In the process of changing, we made a mistake in importing the previous
> translations, so they were not imported and thus you won't see them.
> In order to avoid duplication and loss of work, you'll find the PO files
> of the previous translations here:
> You can use the PO files in case you've done translations over the
> weekend during the change period (they were exported on Saturday). But
> in fact, if you had done the translations in Karmic already (or in
> Lucid, thanks to message sharing), you'll see them appear as global
> suggestions. So translating might just be a matter of pointing and
> clicking.
> I'd recommend you to go through the templates, check if there were
> suggestions from strings already used in Karmic and accept them to
> complete the translations.
> In fact, I see that in the few hours after the change, and before this
> announcement, more than 20 teams have already done this, which is just
> awesome.
> Regards,
> David.

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