Changes in ubiquity-slideshow translations

David Planella david.planella at
Mon Mar 1 13:40:50 GMT 2010

Hi translators,

Some of you have already noticed this, but the Ubiquity Slideshow
translations at:

have now slightly changed. Here's how:

      * All the separate templates have been merged into one. This
        should help translation work and maintenance.
      * There are now translation templates for Kubuntu, Xubuntu and for
        the upgrade process.

In the process of changing, we made a mistake in importing the previous
translations, so they were not imported and thus you won't see them.

In order to avoid duplication and loss of work, you'll find the PO files
of the previous translations here:

You can use the PO files in case you've done translations over the
weekend during the change period (they were exported on Saturday). But
in fact, if you had done the translations in Karmic already (or in
Lucid, thanks to message sharing), you'll see them appear as global
suggestions. So translating might just be a matter of pointing and

I'd recommend you to go through the templates, check if there were
suggestions from strings already used in Karmic and accept them to
complete the translations.

In fact, I see that in the few hours after the change, and before this
announcement, more than 20 teams have already done this, which is just


David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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