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David Planella david.planella at ubuntu.com
Thu Jun 17 11:33:26 BST 2010

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for letting translators know about the string addition.

El dc 16 de 06 de 2010 a les 15:21 +0200, en/na Jonathan Michalon va
> Hi list,
> I'm trying to make an Ubuntu specific patch ready for uploading.
> It's about indicator support within gajim
> (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gajim/+bug/587272).
> This adds a new option string which must be translated.
> One told me (on #ubuntu-translators) to import translations for gajim in
> launchpad and then make an announcement here to find contributors.
> This is what I did. Translations are ready here:
> https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/gajim

I've read the bug, but could you give us some more background? For

      * Are you the gajim upstream developer?
      * Are gajim translations coordinated in Launchpad or somewhere

> The only string to be translated is:
>   "Enable _indicator support"
> The others aren't useful since gajim uses another translation system and works
> only on the upcoming release.

From this comment, I assume that Gajim's translations are done
externally. If that's the case:

If you want to get Gajim translated into many languages, I'd recommend
you as an upstream to use only one way to expose translations, be it an
existing system you might have or Launchpad. Of course, I'd recommend
you Launchpad, but that's ultimately your call. But exposing all
translatable messages in Launchpad for the purpose of having only one
string translated, seems to me like an overkill: I'd recommend either
using Launchpad as the only method of translating Gajim, or disabling
the translations in Launchpad and continue with the existing system. 

> Furthermore I've seen too much languages available. Gajim has only .po for:
> be at latin be bg br cs da de el en_GB eo es eu fr gl hr it ja lt nb nl no pl
> pt_BR pt ru sk sr at Latn sr sv uk zh_CN

By too many languages available, I assume you mean that there have been
translations of Gajim done in Launchpad. Then I'd recommend to make good
use of those translations, download them and committing them upstream.

> I hope this is the right way of doing it (I've seen no such request in the
> archive) and that the translation patch will soon be OK this way.
> I'm just wondering why it is so complicated for one string.

That's absolutely fine! Feel free to ask us any questions, we don't
bite :)


David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator
www.ubuntu.com / www.davidplanella.wordpress.com
www.identi.ca/dplanella / www.twitter.com/dplanella
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