Import of Epiphany browser translations - Manx

Manx Translators ubuntumanx at
Thu Jul 29 08:19:03 UTC 2010

Hello all,
A quick query, hope someone can answer. I've translated Epiphany Web
Browser upstream at Gnome L10n, and the translation shows up on the
Launchpad project page for the browser. Only thing is, epiphany
doesn't seem to be part of the Ubuntu Launchpad translating system,
and so I was wondering how and when my translations would be imported
from upstream (with a view towards the Maverick release). If it makes
a difference, the translations upstream were committed to the "master"
section, i.e. what will become Gnome 3.0. Is there anything I should
be doing differently to get these translations included in the
language packs?, or will it be sorted with the new release?

Thanks in advance,

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