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Arne Goetje wrote:
> Sorry, Milo, I need to correct you here. :)
> On 07/13/2010 08:38 PM, Milo Casagrande wrote:
>> 2010/7/13 Åsmund Skjæveland<asmund.skjaveland at>:
>>> Sorry if this is a repeat, this one never came back to me.
>> I think it's the first time I see this message, so this should be the
>> first one! ;-)
>>> Some strings in Launchpad have better translations upstream than in
>>> Launchpad.  If I replace the Launchpad translation with the upstream
>>> string, will Launchpad automatically detect that the upstream
>>> translation takes over?
>> Yes, it should do so. If it's not working that could be a problem.
> No. (see below)
> Although, if you do that in the development release of Ubuntu and a new 
> version of that package gets uploaded later and carries the same string, 
> Launchpad may flip over to the "Packaged" one... I wouldn't rely on 
> that, though.
>>> In the translation page, Launchpad shows three strings labeled English,
>>> Current Norwegian Nynorsk, and Packaged. Is the string labeled "Current
>>> Norwegian Nynorsk" the upstream string, or the most recent Launchpad
>>> string?
>> The "Current..." one is the actual translation for that string, be it
>> upstream or of your team.
> The "Current" one is the string which is currently exported into the 
> langpacks.
>>> I assume "Packaged" is the last string that was included in a
>>> langpack.
>> Exactly. Packaged is the string that was shipped with the last
>> langpack, it doesn't mean that that string is upstream though.
> No, "Packaged" means that that string came with the ubuntu package of 
> that application and got imported into Launchpad from there.
> This means, that the "Packaged" translation can be
>   a) the one which the upstream project (of the same version) uses
>   b) the one which the Debian translators contributed, which then got 
> put into the package by the Debian package maintainer
>   c) a former translation on Launchpad, which got exported manually by 
> the ubuntu package maintainer and put into that package before uploading 
> it into the archive.
> The only way to make sure the string really comes from the upstream 
> project is to compare it with the translations in the upstream project. 
> :) Usually, it's a) though. (It may also be that upstream used to use 
> that string, but has changed it in the meantime. In that case upstream 
> will probably have a higher version number of the software than we ship 
> in Ubuntu.)
> If the Ubuntu translation team chooses the "Packaged" string in 
> Launchpad, it means the string in the next (and further) language pack 
> will be the one which comes with the ubuntu package. Further package 
> upgrades may therefore change that string.
> If the "Current" and "Packaged" strings are not the same in Launchpad, 
> it means that string has been entered manually in Launchpad before.
> So, in order to "revert" the translation to what comes with the package, 
> simply set the string to "Packaged". The next language-pack update will 
> then carry that change.

A specific case is the Norwegian Nynorsk (nn) translation of Rhythmbox, 
which was not previously translated upstream. I have updated the 
Launchpad translation (changing many of the existing translations) and 
committed the PO file both upstream and back to Launchpad. So the next 
time Rhythmbox is imported into Launchpad from upstream, it should get 
my new translation, which is also already in Launchpad.

Currently, my updated translation is marked as 'Changed in Launchpad', 
since as far as LP knows, there is no upstream translation. Will LP 
detect the new upstream translation and give them precedence 
automatically, or will the LP translations (which currently are 
identical to upstream) take precedence?

Since Rhythmbox has ~1k strings, clicking 'packaged' in LP on every one 
is not “simply” :)

> For Maverick (the current development release), these language pack 
> updates will go into the archive automatically until the final release. 
> For stable releases, these updates will go into the PPA and you (your 
> team) will need to request us to copy the language pack update over into 
> the archive manually once you have tested it and you are satisfied.
> In case the "Current" and "Packaged" strings are both not preferred and 
> the upstream project carries the preferred string in the meantime, the 
> best way would be:
>   1. check if the package version the the current ubuntu development 
> release is the same like upstream -> if yes, the proper translation 
> should get imported into Launchpad for Maverick. It should be listed as 
> a suggestion for stable Ubuntu releases then (may be only after Maverick 
> was opened for translations, I'm not sure about that).
> If this is the case, just choose that suggestion for stable ubuntu releases.
>   2. If it doesn't show up as suggestion in stable ubuntu releases, 
> enter the string manually.
>> You can find more info on translation precedence in Launchpad here:
>> Hope it can be of some help.
>> Ciao.
> Cheers
> Arne

Åsmund Skjæveland

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