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Micah Gersten ubuntu.bugsquad at micahscomputing.com
Sun Jan 17 20:33:02 GMT 2010

The Bugsquad meeting was postponed to Jan 19th at 1600 UTC -- FYI

On 01/04/2010 11:06 AM, Sense Hofstede wrote:
> 2010/1/4 David Planella<david.planella at ubuntu.com>:
>> El ds 12 de 12 de 2009 a les 12:16 +0200, en/na Adi Roiban va escriure:
>>> Just my 2 cents and I try to be brief and concise.... but I failed
>>> I think that all Ubuntu Translators will be happy to make
>>> ubuntu-translators less useful by not having to do bug triaging.
>>> The bughandling wikipage was just a brainstorming page. I would be happy
>>> to delete it and have all info on bugsquad wiki.
>>> Ubuntu Translations bugs are something special from the following points
>>> of view:
>>> * They can be fixed without having someone patching and uploading a new
>>> package
>>> * Most of them can be fixed in less than 2 minutes, just from the web
>>> UI. You only need to read the bug, to to Launchpad translation, fix the
>>> translation and then come back and mark that bug as fixed.
>>> * Many translators are not technical persons.
>>> We can channel all bug to Ubuntu and make them use apport, but I think
>>> that this will stop them from reporting bugs.
>>> -------------
>>> I like to keep things simple and this is why I went for a divide and
>>> conquer approach for handling Ubuntu translations bugs.
>>> I think that reporting a bug in Ubuntu is ok when you don't know exactly
>>> what component is affected and who can fix it.
>>> For translations bug we know they affect ubuntu-translation and they can
>>> be fixed by the ubuntu-l10n-CC (replace CC with your language) team.
>>> The triaging process can be done by the bug reporter at the time they
>>> report the bug.
>>> No need to add extra work to other persons.
>>> ------------
>>> My goal is to have ubuntu-translation bugs fixed. Fast. Without stepping
>>> on others feet.
>>> What are the drawbacks of the current process?
>>> Right now, in Ubuntu we have 39668 new bugs. What do we gain if we put
>>> Ubuntu Translation bugs together?
>>> ---------
>>> I think we should add this topic on the next team meeting agenda.
>>> Next for translations is 7 Jan, bugsquad 12. I am available for both.
>>> Kindest regards,
>> Let's try to move this forward. I like Adi's suggestion to discuss it on
>> a meeting, and I see that micahg has already added it to the next
>> Bugsquad's meeting on the 12th of January, so we can talk about it
>> there.
>> I've summarised the main points at
>> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/KnowledgeBase/HandlingBugs#Background
>> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/KnowledgeBase/HandlingBugs#Brainstorming
>> I think so far we agree that we can move that page to the bugsquad's
>> wiki and let the bugsquad channel translation bugs to the
>> ubuntu-translations project as appropriate.
>> The main point for me is that I'm open to any suggestions for
>> optimization. While I'd be prepared to sacrifice the pool of
>> translations bugs the ubuntu-translations project offers by submitting
>> them only to the source packages, though, I wouln't want to compromise
>> the additional benefits it has provided so far: bugmail and the
>> ubuntu-translations-coordinators team acting as a driver. I think these
>> last points have made all the difference in comparison to the situation
>> we already had, that is, having translation bugs reported only against
>> the source packages.
>> Thanks.
>> Regards,
>> David.
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> Hello,
> If the separate 'ubuntu-translation' project helps the translations
> team then of course it should stay. Reading your mails and the project
> documentation made it clear to me that this project has been a great
> help for the translators.
> I'll try to attend the meeting at January the 12th. Because I do think
> that it would be good to define the roles of the Bug Squad and the
> Translations team here. The meeting would be a good way to do so since
> IRC allows direct communication and ensures the presence and attention
> of the team leaders. You already have a workflow in place and of
> course we shouldn't force our policies upon you, but there are
> overlapping areas where both teams have to deal with the bug reports.
> What we should do is to come up with a way to let the bugs show up in
> such a way that they are useful to both teams and don't mess up the
> statistics of either one of them.
> Thank you for adding the explanation to the wiki page! Now I know
> where to direct people to if they want to know more about the policy
> of Translations.
> Regards,

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