Collaboration between the Ubuntu Manual and Docs Team

Adi Roiban adi at
Tue Jan 12 20:48:13 GMT 2010

În data de Mi, 13-01-2010 la 09:26 +1300, Benjamin Humphrey a scris:
> Hello,

I am happy to see such efforts. Hope it will shape up nicely.

> As you may have noticed, we've received quite a lot of contributors,
> interest and media attention. In turn, we are definitely on track for
> an excellent release that should be delivered in time for Lucid. It
> won't only be available in English, as it is also being translated
> into 25 other languages at a rapid pace. After our project is
> completed, not only will all of our material be available for the docs
> team to use at their will, but I will also offer to help with
> improving the existing wiki documentation myself, and I will try my
> best to bring some of our main contributors with me.
For translations maybe we can see some collaboration with Ubuntu

Here is my quick feedback regarding translations.

I am not sure how other people are translating the Ubuntu manual, but
for me translating something like this is a real challenge and that
string is prone to many errors:

Latex can create complex mathematical expressions, but I had a hard time
trying to generate Romanian or Russian characters. 
Do you have a PDF or HTML version for Russian translation?
It would be nice to share that recipe.

Also since this is an Ubuntu Manual, it would be nice if translations
will have the same quality assurance process as for Ubuntu Docs and
other Ubuntu translations.
Right now, translations are open and everyone can make translations,
even if they are good or bad.

I hope my feedback was constructive (if not, please ignore it :)

Cheers and good luck!

Adi Roiban

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