Printer properties in printing dialogue of KDE applications

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Mon Jan 4 19:51:49 GMT 2010

El dg 27 de 12 de 2009 a les 17:08 +0100, en/na Moritz Baumann va
> Hello everyone,
> some week ago a user complained about the "printer properties" being 
> untranslated. (Printing dialogue of any KDE app → click "properties" next to 
> the printer you selected → "advanced" tab.)
> I suspected those strings to come from cups and so I manually imported the 
> upstream translation into Launchpad. But although I've enabled the PPA and 
> installed several language pack updates since then, those strings still appear 
> untranslated.
> Can I translate those strings elsewhere or are the CUPS translations not being 
> used?
> Regards, Moritz

Hi Moritz,

I'm not sure where those strings come from, but I think it might be
easier to track this in a bug. Do you think you could file a bug against
the ubuntu-translations project at, providing:

      * The steps to reproduce it with a particular KDE application
      * At least some of the particular strings which do not appear
      * The language you are using (I'm guessing German)
      * Optionally a screenshot

This would help tracking this down and assigning it to the appropriate
Kubuntu package if it is indeed a bug.



David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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