Fwd: Re: [Bug 521823] Re: Comments would make translations easier

Moritz Baumann flamingmo at online.de
Wed Feb 24 15:23:41 GMT 2010

Hi David,

Am Montag, 15. Februar 2010 19:12:22 schrieb David Planella:
> I've now commented on the bug. Let's try to move forward and get it from
> there.

doesn't look like Scott is going to accept any patch and I don't know of any 
other way to get comments into the translation templates.

If anyone else who wants to translate upstart into his/her language and finds 
this quite difficult is willing to continue the discussion, feel free to do so. 
I'll just leave the bug report open, unsubscribe from it and never read it 
again since I've already said everything there is to say…


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