Translating Debian Package Descriptions

Jochen Skulj jochen at
Thu Feb 18 19:01:33 GMT 2010

Thank you, Gabor and Michael for all your explanations. That cleared a
lot since I in deed searched the wrong template for the given term. I
hadn't used Nightmonkey before and it's really a great and helpful tool.

But while thinking about the whole issue another question popped up in
my mind: do we really just change the translation of Debian package
description just because our users and we don't like it? I mean, after
all these translations are a kind of upstream translations, aren't they?
Wouldn't it be therefore better to talk to the Debian translators than
just changing the translation in Launchpad? How do other Ubuntu
translators handle this?

I also found out how to get translated package descriptions: I just had
to run sudo apt-get update. So again: thanks for your help.

Cheers, Jochen

Jochen Skulj 
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