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Moritz Baumann flamingmo at online.de
Mon Feb 15 16:36:06 GMT 2010

Hi everyone,

I just filed a bug report against upstart, asking for comments which would help 
me translate difficult strings. I was told that it'd be my responsibility to 
take a look at the source code if the context was unclear.

I always thought it'd be the developer's responsibility to ensure the 
application is translatable. Apart from the fact that most translators 
probably don't know much C, looking everything up in the source code is not 
part of our normal workflow.

Is there any guideline I can refer to or am I wrong?


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Betreff: Re: [Bug 521823] Re: Comments would make translations easier
Datum: Montag, 15. Februar 2010, 17:13:22
Von: Scott James Remnant <scott at canonical.com>
An: flamingmo at online.de

On Mon, 2010-02-15 at 15:50 +0000, Moritz Baumann wrote:

> To name some examples:
> "stop", "start", "respawn", "pre-start", etc.: Should they even be 
translatable? Context?
So go look at the context then.

The source is full of documentation about what these mean.

> "Failed to spawn %s %s process: %s": What is missing here?
Look at the code?

	/* Return non-temporary error condition */
	nih_warn (_("Failed to spawn %s %s process: %s"),
		  job_name (job), process_name (process),

This makes it very clear that those are a job name, a process name and
the error message.

> Of course it's the translators job to look up the terminology and what
> the program does, but then the rest should be self-explanatory. So
> whenever the context is not clear if you only see the string, please
> give us a hint.
I'm not interested in doing that; you're not expected to be able to
translate by only seeing the strings - you're expected to read the
context as well - that's why you have the filename and line number.

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Comments would make translations easier
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Bug description:
I'm currently trying to translate upstart into German. Since it is impossible 
to find most strings "using" upstart (everything which hasn't got anything to 
do with command line utilities like shutdown), some strings cannot be properly 
translated without taking a look at the source code, esp. those containing 
placeholders. Comments would definitely help a lot here!

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