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Aron Xu happyaron.xu at
Tue Feb 2 15:32:23 GMT 2010

Please see my reply in the order of your mails, sorry for replying so late.

You can fork a branch, but you need to find out which revision you
should have, and perhaps you need to contact the developers about the
details if you cannot make sure whether you've gotten the correct

Major upstream projects are TP, GNOME, KDE and Debian. I suggest you
export all the translations your team have already done and merge them
with new templates (it won't be difficult with a script I think), then
you can have the first version of your upstream translations. You
could glance through all templates and choose the ones that are not
too big but with higher visibility, this will result in a good user
experience in the most short time. Users from other distribution can
benefit as well.

Adi has given you two most important link about the information, and I
think it is very good for you to read them throughout.

@Adi and other U-T-Cs,
Do you think we need take some actions to let people know about such
things? It will be pity that teams had their effort gone because not
working with upstream, or rather not knowing about the how the whole
thing is running. Will writing a series of blog posts make sense?

Best regards,
Aron Xu

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