Natty Translations Plans II: Translations Training Sessions

lafeber-dumoleyn2 lafeber-dumoleyn2 at
Sat Dec 18 07:42:09 GMT 2010

Hi David,
This is another of your great initiatives.
I would like to add the topic "upstream translations, how to handle them?"
I will also visit the wiki page.

Op 17-12-10 19:53, David Planella schreef:
> Hi translators,
> Following the first [1] in the series of posts about the plans for
> Ubuntu Translations on this cycle and their progress, this week I’d like
> to talk about Translations Training Sessions [2].
> What we’d like is to run a series of regular events where translators
> can just attend and learn, in a hands-on way, all the different aspects
> of translating our favourite distro. There, they should also be able to
> ask their questions and discuss any topics related to translations.
> Another goal is to also provide material for all teams to adapt and
> reuse for their own training events for new translators.
> The plan is to start by running a regular series of IRC training events
> focused on particular translation topics. Here are some suggestions:
>      * The Launchpad Translations web interface
>      * Translating Ubuntu online and offline
>      * Ubuntu Translations review workflow
>      * …
> Do you want to help grow your translations community in your language?
> Help us with the training sessions by providing suggestions for topics
> you’d like to see covered in them. You can also help by running the
> sessions yourself!
> You can leave them as comments on this thread or directly on the wiki
> page we’ve set up for that here [3].
> Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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