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Tom Davies tomdavies04 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 13 15:51:38 GMT 2010

Hi :)

I just thought we were having a humourous & friendly chat.  It is good when 
people try something for the first time and get all excited about it.  I think 
it is great to keep trying new things and explore our options.  Something really 
great about linux-land is the freedon OF choice.  The defaults are usually fine 
in linux-land but it's great to explore.  Something that used to upset me about 
Windows was that the defaults are usually a nightmare AND there is a distinct 
lack of choice.  

Hooorah for linux and all the people in our community.  It is through arguments 
and discussion that we arrive at excellence.

Many thanks to all and regards from
Tom :)


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El dl 13 de 12 de 2010 a les 01:05 +0200, en/na Adi Roiban va escriure:
> On Sun, 2010-12-12 at 23:57 +0100, Valter Mura wrote:
> > In data sabato 11 dicembre 2010 16:18:16, Khaled Hosny ha scritto:
> > 
> > > > And by the way, as someone has already asked me already, this is not
> > > > part of any plans to make Chromium the default browser for Ubuntu. While
> > > > being community-translatable will certainly help as a plus point if this
> > > > is discussed in the future, it is unrelated to the more general decision
> > > > on the default desktop browser.
> > > 
> > > Sorry if I offended any one, my comment was about making chromium the
> > > default browser, not directed to any ones comment, sorry again. I'm not
> > > a native English speaker either, so I didn't realise how strong the
> > > words I used.
> > > 
> > > My concern is that chromium on Linux, unlike on Windows, has serious RTL
> > > and complex text layout issues, all have been reported for months now,
> > > and not yet fixed, so replacing a browser with excellent language
> > > support with a broken one is a step backwards and whoever is taking that
> > > decision should consider that.
> > > 
> > And I seriously hope, as per David's words, that FF will never be replaced by 
> > Chromium...
> I apologies for creating all the previous unrest.
> In my initial comment I added a smiley at the end of the sentence to
> suggest that this is not the place where such changes should be
> discussed and it was rather a subtle remark to the fact that we still
> don't have Firefox translations support in Launchpad.
> For the future, please ignore any of my comments that are not related to
> translations :)
> Cheers,
> -- 
> Adi Roiban

All is good, no need to apologise Adi! :-)


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