[Launchpad-users] Chromium browser now translatable in Launchpad

Adi Roiban adi at roiban.ro
Sun Dec 12 23:05:36 GMT 2010

On Sun, 2010-12-12 at 23:57 +0100, Valter Mura wrote:
> In data sabato 11 dicembre 2010 16:18:16, Khaled Hosny ha scritto:
> > > And by the way, as someone has already asked me already, this is not
> > > part of any plans to make Chromium the default browser for Ubuntu. While
> > > being community-translatable will certainly help as a plus point if this
> > > is discussed in the future, it is unrelated to the more general decision
> > > on the default desktop browser.
> > 
> > Sorry if I offended any one, my comment was about making chromium the
> > default browser, not directed to any ones comment, sorry again. I'm not
> > a native English speaker either, so I didn't realise how strong the
> > words I used.
> > 
> > My concern is that chromium on Linux, unlike on Windows, has serious RTL
> > and complex text layout issues, all have been reported for months now,
> > and not yet fixed, so replacing a browser with excellent language
> > support with a broken one is a step backwards and whoever is taking that
> > decision should consider that.
> > 
> And I seriously hope, as per David's words, that FF will never be replaced by 
> Chromium...

I apologies for creating all the previous unrest.
In my initial comment I added a smiley at the end of the sentence to
suggest that this is not the place where such changes should be
discussed and it was rather a subtle remark to the fact that we still
don't have Firefox translations support in Launchpad.

For the future, please ignore any of my comments that are not related to
translations :)

Adi Roiban

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