Announcing the Next Ubuntu Bug Day! - August 26th 2010

David Planella david.planella at
Wed Aug 25 20:01:48 BST 2010

El dl 23 de 08 de 2010 a les 12:31 -0400, en/na Kamus va escriure:
> Fellow Ubuntu Triagers!
> This week's Bug Day target is *drum roll please*  Ubuntu Translations!
> * 15 New bugs need a hug
> * 31 Incompletes bugs need a status check
> * 42 Confirmed bugs need a review
> Bookmark it, add it to your calendars, turn over those egg-timers!
>  * Thursday 26th August 2010
>  *
> Are you looking for a way to start giving some love back to your
> adorable Ubuntu Project? Did you ever wonder what Triage is? Want to
> learn about that? This is a perfect time!, Everybody can help in a Bug Day!
> Open your IRC Client and go to #ubuntu-bugs (FreeNode) the BugSquad
> will be happy to help you to start contributing!
> Wanna be famous? Is easy! remember to use 5-A-day so if you do a good
> work your name could be listed at the top 5-A-Day Contributors in the
> Ubuntu Hall of Fame page!
> We are always looking for new tasks or ideas for the Bug Days, if you have one
> add it to the Planning page
> If you're new to all this and you want to know
> more about ubuntu?, head to
> Have a nice day,
>  Kamus
>  [From the BugSquad]

Hi translators,

I just wanted to send a heads up on the Bug Day for Ubuntu Translations

This will be a great opportunity to help triaging, testing or fixing the
current list of bugs we've got in the translations project in Launchpad:

As you see we've got quite a number of open bugs, but only a few are
considered high [1] as of now, and it would be great if we could squash
all those before release.

In any case, I want to stress that everyone can help in making a
rocking, translation bug-free Meerkat. There are plenty of areas to

      * Join us tomorrow the whole day at #ubuntu-bugs or
      * Go through the list of bugs at [2]. See if there is anything you
        can help with. A fix would be awesome, but sometimes just a
        comment or some investigation can be equally awesome to unblock
        a bug.
      * See if your translations team has any pending bugs assigned. You
        can go to<your-teams-lp-id> to
        check out (e.g. ubuntu-l10n-pl for the Polish team).
      * Report any bugs you see in translation. That's the only way to
        fix them. You can simply go to and file
      * Any other method you can think of to squash those annoying
        translation bugs

You'll find more info at:

See you all tomorrow!



David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator / /
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