question regarding feedback of launchpad translation suggestions

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Wed Aug 25 15:37:27 BST 2010

Hi Oier,

У уто, 24. 08 2010. у 18:09 +0200, Oier Mees пише:

> I know I am not the first one with this issue but I would like to know
> if anybody is working on providing some sort of feedback for people
> who do translation suggestions on Launchpad.

We've had such discussions in the past.  It would probably be useful to
look at the archives of this list.  I can't find the actual thread right
now, but I do remember people talking about the approaches they are

In general, people do it manually because Launchpad doesn't provide
anything else.  I.e. they copy-paste strings into emails and then
comment inline.  Launchpad has a bunch of bugs filed about making this
much easier, but not much has happened there because of lack of
development resources.

>  Some sort of optional notification when the suggestion gets reviewed
> would be great because otherwise they can think that their suggestions
> are ignored and feel that they are wasting their time. Besides an
> option to inform them about what kind of mistakes they are making for
> instance would also be good, but I don't know how could this fit
> without introducing too much clutter in the UI.

Yeah, making this all possible from within Launchpad would be best.  It
does take a lot of effort to implement properly.  Since Launchpad is
open-source, we'd also welcome any help in implementing by anyone who is
able to deal with some coding :)


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