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Tom Davies tomdavies04 at
Wed Aug 25 11:08:12 BST 2010

Hi :)

I work for a company that often needs very fast but not necessarily good quality 
translations.  Does anyone know of any decent translation software?  This would 
be for ".pdf" and ".doc" documents for the most part and may have pictures that 
the software would ideally be able to ignore but leave in the same position on 
the page.

Sadly it's not a company producing software so i don't know of any way it could 
be brought into Launchpad.  Also it often deals with confidential material where 
the less people that have access to the information the better.  Hmm, this 
sounds like the opposite of OpenSource but if you have a quick look at our 
website you might see that we are still good

I am about to search through Synaptic but thought it worth throwing this 
question to the translators lists in case anyone uses something to get a good 
starting point for their own or to check or something they have used in the past 
but is not quite able to produce good enough quality for Ubuntu

Good luck and many regards from
Tom :)

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