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Thu Aug 19 18:30:22 BST 2010

Hi Andrej,

El dj 19 de 08 de 2010 a les 09:27 +0200, en/na Andrej Žnidaršič va
> Hello !
> In slovenian team we get about 80% of 3rd party bug reports (from
> people who are not member of any translation team) in the period of 2
> weeks, between the release of RC and 1 week after final release. This
> is the time when most users upgrade and hence also report bugs.
> A bit more conservative users wait a week or two before upgrade.
> In 10.04 we got a lot bug reports (there were a lot of mistakes in one
> of the packages, due to one translator's unseriousness), and we
> quickly fixed them, but language packs weren't generated for 3 months
> - until the release of 10.4.1 so:
> a) The people who reported bugs were frustrated, as nothing has
> changed (they couldn't see any changes)
> b) People who installed ubuntu later were still exposed to these
> mistakes.
> Hence i propose that there is a language pack update 1-2 weeks after
> the final release. Is that possible?

This is a good point, and I think it would be possible. In this regard,
we've been talking about a schedule for translation updates several
times at UDSs, but so far no initiative has taken traction, mostly for
lack of time and other priorities getting in the way.

This is something we definitely need to sort out, and I'd finally like
to make it a policy, so I'd very much welcome any feedback on this

Things to consider for a schedule:

* How many releases' translations we want to update?
* How often do we want to update each release (current stable, old,
* How many teams would be testing the updates?
* Where could we host a public calendar for the updates?

We could also discuss this on a meeting. We haven't been running any on
this cycle yet, so I'm thinking of scheduling one for next week or the
one after.

I'd be happy to hear everoyne's proposals.



David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator / /
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