Suggestion: Faster lanugage pack update after final release

Andrej Žnidaršič andrej.znidarsic at
Thu Aug 19 08:27:01 BST 2010

Hello !

In slovenian team we get about 80% of 3rd party bug reports (from people who
are not member of any translation team) in the period of 2 weeks, between
the release of RC and 1 week after final release. This is the time when most
users upgrade and hence also report bugs.
A bit more conservative users wait a week or two before upgrade.
In 10.04 we got a lot bug reports (there were a lot of mistakes in one of
the packages, due to one translator's unseriousness), and we quickly fixed
them, but language packs weren't generated for 3 months - until the release
of 10.4.1 so:

a) The people who reported bugs were frustrated, as nothing has changed
(they couldn't see any changes)
b) People who installed ubuntu later were still exposed to these mistakes.

Hence i propose that there is a language pack update 1-2 weeks after the
final release. Is that possible?

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