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El dv 13 de 08 de 2010 a les 07:35 -0500, en/na Nathan Handler va
> Hello everyone,
> I have gone ahead and subscribed to this mailing list in order to to
> ensure that I receive all feedback (without Paul needing to forward it
> to me ;) ).
> Let me start by thanking everyone who has either translated ClassBot
> or provided some feedback on how to improve the translation quality. I
> have been working hard to try and implement as many suggestions as
> possible. I have pushed an updated .pot template that:
>   1) Removes the double "are" issue that somehow appeared
>   2) Does not have split sentences being translated
>   3) Adds a few comments for translators explaining what things are
> (I'm still trying to get a better feel for the types of comments
> translators find useful)
>   4) Modifies the code to use sprintf
> Many of these changes caused strings to change (and added a few
> additional strings). I am sorry about this.
> Any additional feedback on how to improve the translation quality
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Nathan Handler


I just wanted to say big thanks for having addressed all points and
having made ClassBot translator friendly.

As per the feedback on how to improve the translation quality, I'd
recommend setting the translation permissions to Restricted or
Structured. This way everyone can still contribute with translation
suggestions, but ultimately Ubuntu translators will review them and
accept them if correct.

You can change this at:

And find more info at:

(or on the links on the settings page, as html help popups)


David Planella
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