Hi! What is better to be translated?

Arne Goetje arne.goetje at canonical.com
Mon Aug 9 04:26:54 BST 2010

On 08/07/2010 04:47 PM, Hannie wrote:
> You may have followed the discussion about something similar in the
> thread 'Is Aptitude upstream?
> Quote==========
>    On   https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+lang/nl/     I find many templates that should not be translated by us, Ubuntu Dutch Translation Team. With Gnome and KDE it is not so difficult, because it is usually in the name. But with others I am not sure if we should translate them or not. One of them is Aptitude. Is this upstream (Debian), or not?
>    https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/aptitude/+pots/aptitude/nl/+translate?field.alternative_language-empty-marker=1
>    In fact, only few of the 1340 templates are NOT upstream (e.g. (K)Ubuntu-docs, software-center, app-install-data).
>    Would it not be a good idea to mention in the list of templates whether it is upstream or Ubuntu?
>    Hannie Dumoleyn
> In general, you should translate any template where translations are
> still missing, no matter if they come from upstream or they are native
> to Ubuntu. (Part of the answer by Arne Goetje)
> Unquote============
> I have another question about this: I checked a few KDE templates (I am
> also a member of the kde-nl translation team). Example: Koffice. This
> has been fully translated at KDE, but not in Launchpad. Will the fully
> translated KDE-version be imported into LP eventually? And if so, then
> why should I finish the unfinished version on LP?

For the koffice case:
The translations for Koffice have been uploaded into Launchpad on 
2010-07-23. If the upstream translations were already complete at that 
time, then we probably have an import issue at hands, means a bug on our 
(the technical or package handling) side. In such cases, please name the 
templates (or the source package, in this case 'koffice') for which you 
know that this is the case and send a mail about this issue to this 
list. We will then investigate this issue and reply back.
(For koffice, since the translations for most languages are quite few, I 
suppose we have such an import issue. I'll investigate and get back to 
this list.)

If the upstream translations are for a higher version number than we 
have in Ubuntu or happened after our last import into Launchpad, it 
would be best to check back with the relevant team (for example the 
Kubuntu developers) if they plan to update to the newer version before 
UI string freeze, or not. If yes, you can just wait until this update 
happens and then check again. If not, it doesn't hurt if you download 
the upstream .po files and upload them to the respective templates in 
Launchpad manually. Any remaining untranslated string would then need to 
be translated in Launchpad though.


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