Is Aptitude upstream?

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Tue Aug 3 16:55:47 BST 2010

Hi Khaled,

У пон, 02. 08 2010. у 12:14 +0300, Khaled Hosny пише:

> But then your work will benefit both Ubuntu and non-Ubuntu users (who
> did the original translation), just taking others work and not
> contributing back is very selfish. Also doing an "svn co" of KDE l10n
> repository takes no more than few seconds (I know not every translator
> is comfortable with such tools, but that is why we have team
> coordinators).

Nobody was saying anything about not contributing back.  You should
contribute back, but that shouldn't stop you from starting with
Launchpad, because it does have some cool features.  Maybe you
personally don't care about them, and that's ok, but we should not
discourage people from making their own choice.

> Also, it would have been simpler if launchpad has a more simple
> upload/download forms, than the overly and unnecessarily complex ones
> that currently exist (sending download links by mails that are delayed
> several hours!)

For majority of PO files, we should be able to generate them on request
today (we've done a big number of performance improvements which should
allow that).  However, we simply haven't done the work to switch PO file
downloads to happen in such a way.

I'd be happy to mentor anyone in getting PO file downloads directly from
the (at least for authorised translators), but we don't
have time to improve that further right now.  Remember, is
open source so you can help fix it as well :)


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