Debian Installer = cheeky?

Daniel Nylander po at
Tue Apr 27 14:16:51 BST 2010

tis 2010-04-27 klockan 13:58 +0300 skrev Peteris Krisjanis:

> It seems like import from upstream. It is highly suggested to
> translate debian-installer in upstream.
> From practical point of view, those strings are for alternative/server install.

These strings are not from upstream what I can see. Swedish is 100% in
upstream (I manage it) but 12 new strings has been added for lucid.


"Your boot partition has not been configured with the u-boot file
system. This is needed by your machine in order to boot. Please go back
and use the u-boot file system."

"No mount point is assigned for the u-boot file system in partition #

"The partition ${PARTITION} assigned to ${MOUNTPOINT} starts at an
offset of ${OFFSET} bytes from the minimum alignment for this disk,
which may lead to very poor performance."


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