Plymouth messages: are they translatable?

Gabor Kelemen kelemeng at
Sat Apr 10 13:29:54 BST 2010

Sander Pientka írta:
> Fellow translators,
> I just powered on my computer and was prompted by a message that told
> me my file system needs to be checked. Well, it looks pretty and such,
> but I am wondering if such messages are available for translation. I
> cannot find any Plymouth-related template on Launchpad.
These are not from plymouth (there is only one from that package, see 
bug #553954), but from mountall. They were recently marked for 
translation, but seems that mountall does not generate a pot file on 
build and uses an outdated pot from bzr. I just filed bug #559997 about 


Gabor Kelemen

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