ubiquity-slideshow UI freeze exception request: Adjusting icons and CSS style

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 06:37:14 BST 2010

Hi there!

Exciting copy + paste from Launchpad Bug #554976, via the UI freeze
exception process :)

I am proposing a set of modifications to the visuals for the
ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu package. (Slideshow that plays in the
Ubiquity installer when installing Ubuntu).
Some of these changes spring from bug #552510, which covers centring
the icons used in the slideshow, but there are a few other changes as

These are currently seen in lp:ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu, revisions
260 to 261. (Sorry, jumped the gun a bit; I should have made a
separate branch. Oh well).
You can see a preview at

First the CSS layout change:
 * Title block is slightly narrower. Before, the title could flow
right up to the icon at the top right before wrapping to the next
line. That is no longer the case; it now wraps much earlier in the
line so there isn't so much visual noise up there. This means
multi-line titles should (hopefully) wrap a bit more elegantly.
 * Increased spacing between individual lines.
 * Increased width of content; text is as far from the edge on the
right as it is on the left side. This appears to nullify the net
effect of the increased line spacing.

Then the icons:
 * The new personalize.png replaces the old accessibility icon. It is
the "Change wallpaper" icon from the Humanity set. I decided this
appealed to the idea of personalizing the desktop to fit one's
personal wishes, where the previous icon provided a rather clinical
feeling. The dash of aubergine gives the topic a nice jolt of life.
 * New media.png replacing the Rhythmbox icon. There were a lot of
comments about the out of place Breathe icon, and it was somewhat
difficult to align it elegantly. (Rhythmbox icons are all rather
rectangular, the others we have are square. It looked funny). I went
with the generic Media category icon from the Humanity set because
it's one of the more pretty looking icons in that genre by default,
and it is an icon people will recognize when they open the
Applications menu.

Thank you!

Dylan McCall

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