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Adi Roiban adi at roiban.ro
Wed Sep 30 14:32:51 BST 2009

În data de Mi, 30-09-2009 la 14:35 +0200, David Planella a scris:
> El dt 29 de 09 de 2009 a les 22:11 +0300, en/na Adi Roiban va escriure:
> > 
> > For the beginning I think we should define debian-installer and co as
> > top priority. They have a shorter deadline and are the first apps a user
> > get in contact with.
> > 
> I believe it depends on the user, though. If you are using a computer
> with Ubuntu at a school or a public institution, the user will not have
> installed the system, so he/she won't have seen the installer.
> But I think it is a good starting point. We should get started and
> perhaps refine the details later on.

Yep. It's not easy to define those priorities as
Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Netbook and other derivatives all have various
use cases.

> Rather than setting all priorities by hand, do you think we could
> benefit of a collaborative effort? We could for example put this list in
> the wiki or create a spreadsheet out of it, where all translators could
> work on setting the priorities.
We can try using a wiki and from there to create the required SQL query.

I have started this page:

In the default list of templates about 270 (half of them) are
OpenOffice.org. Are they updated with language packs? Maybe we can leave
them out. 

As a start, I have created the following categories. Feel free to
discuss them and their rationale can be found on the wiki page.
     1. Templates included only on the Live-CD (bootloader , installer)
        > 1000
     2. Ubuntu/Kubuntu specific templates 900 - 999
     3. Templates changed in Ubuntu/Kubuntu 800 - 899
     4. Templates with a high user visiblity and installed by default
        (like firefox, nautilus, empathy, dolphin) 700 - 799
     5. Ubuntu-docs Kbuntu-docs Xbuntu-docs Edubuntu-docs .. other docs
        600 - 699
     6. All other library templates 500 -599
     7. All other GUI templates 400 - 499
     8. All other text mode apps templates < 399

We need some feedback from the Kubuntu team to define the KDE specific

Adi Roiban

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