UNR translations now open in Karmic

Kyle Nitzsche kyle.nitzsche at canonical.com
Fri Sep 11 16:04:12 BST 2009

Matthew East wrote:
> Hi David,
> 2009/9/11 David Planella <david.planella at ubuntu.com>:
>> The reason we adopted this approach is to minimize later work to
>> upstream (i.e. applying downstream translation fixes to the upstream
>> project) Karmic translation work.
> Why not just translate everything in the distribution? I'm interested
> in this because it seems to me that there is no standard practice at
> the moment for where to translate Ubuntu-only packages.
Because these packages, despite the name "UNR," are not used in the 
Ubuntu project only. The public upstream projects where the Ubuntu 
Translators already focused their efforts during the last several weeks 
are in fact downstream to further (private) upstream development and 
translation efforts (that's where this software & translation base comes 
from). And there are other down stream uses of the packages (you have 
probably heard of some of the netbooks out there that use UNR).

Doing the Ubuntu Translator work as far upstream as possible facilitates 
the multiple users of these packages (all of which are open source). 
(This, in theory, is not much different from fixing bugs in software as 
far upstream as possible.) This approach was discussed at the last UDS 
with members of the Ubuntu Translator community, and a specification 
resulted from the discussions. 

WE wrote the specification with the goal of pushing forward the 
translation period as far as possible in order to allow UTs to work in 
their normal Karmic translation work period as much as possible (right 
up to a couple days before the user interface freeze). David Planella 
communicated the plans and key points in the schedule to Ubuntu 
Translators on the email list as well.

However, this does not mean that this is the final solution - of course 
everyone is open to improvements. For now, this approach seemed best.


>  For example,
> ubuntu-docs is translated in the distribution, the slideshow is
> translated in the upstream project, the unr packages are translated in
> the upstream project. It seems to me that there are substantial
> advantages for translators in having everything in one place (ie. the
> distribution area) and that using upstream projects for translation of
> Ubuntu-only packages is probably the wrong approach, and for that
> reason I've resisted moving ubuntu-docs translation to the upstream
> area of Launchpad despite some obvious technical advantages.
> Whichever approach is taken, it seems to me that having translations
> in *both* places is just asking for confusion among translators.
> How do other translators feel about this issue?

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