UNR translations now open in Karmic

Matthew East mdke at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 11 11:45:26 BST 2009

Hi David,

2009/9/11 David Planella <david.planella at ubuntu.com>:
> The reason we adopted this approach is to minimize later work to
> upstream (i.e. applying downstream translation fixes to the upstream
> project) Karmic translation work.

Why not just translate everything in the distribution? I'm interested
in this because it seems to me that there is no standard practice at
the moment for where to translate Ubuntu-only packages. For example,
ubuntu-docs is translated in the distribution, the slideshow is
translated in the upstream project, the unr packages are translated in
the upstream project. It seems to me that there are substantial
advantages for translators in having everything in one place (ie. the
distribution area) and that using upstream projects for translation of
Ubuntu-only packages is probably the wrong approach, and for that
reason I've resisted moving ubuntu-docs translation to the upstream
area of Launchpad despite some obvious technical advantages.

Whichever approach is taken, it seems to me that having translations
in *both* places is just asking for confusion among translators.

How do other translators feel about this issue?

Matthew East
gnupg pub 1024D/0E6B06FF

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