Answers - thanks all :)

Tom Davies tomdavies04 at
Tue Sep 8 20:43:48 BST 2009

Hi again :)

Someone has done a lot to help with the question from earlier, thanks for that :) Someone suggested i  use some sort of coding at the front of the subject line when i ask for help about this sort of thing in here.  The last few times i have been trying to use the word "Answers" at the front but something easier for a filter to pick-up might be more helpful.  Any suggestions for something easy to remember and obvious?  The person did ask kindly and said i was doing a good job with it and i quite understand the problem so it seems reasonable to me :)

Anyway i just wanted to say thanks again to everyone that has helped with these problems.  

Also congrats to Mark Jones & the Welsh Team, although i am not Welsh and don't understand it i do think it can be very beautiful to hear at times so it's good to see it's getting used more.  

I think there's someone interested in joining the Polish Team although it might just be for translating just the 1 package.
Sorry for my answers in that thread.  My fingers all seemed to be thumbs!

Thanks again and regards from
Tom :)

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