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Adi Roiban adi at
Wed Oct 21 20:27:23 BST 2009


I have just updated the webpage with an Rosetta export received at

În data de Mi, 21-10-2009 la 13:09 +0800, Aron Xu a scris:
> Hi Adi,
> Thanks for your work, but where is the picture for firefox?
> AFAIK it doesn't show up when I choose zh_CN with my firefox.
> Aron

Here is the info from Dylan McCall :
> (Unfortunately), this is intentional. Mozilla's trademark policy
> blocks
> us from distributing the real icon with the package, and pointing to
> the
> icon installed to the system means we get either the branded or
> unbranded icon based on what system the slideshow is running on. It
> won't load that icon when running from the web, because a web site can
> only use local resources if it is itself stored locally.

Just to have an icon, i have modified the slide to display a generic web
png... but on an Ubuntu system it will show and Firefox icon.

I have another info from Dylan, regarding the links from the
documentation / support slide.

> Oh, with regards to your query, the link should be kept intact.
> (Although, if there's an official Ubuntu web site that has the same
> page translated to the appropriate language, that would be fine). The
> reason for that is because this particular community page
> ( has a real wealth of information, including
> community support, how to contribute and information about local
> teams :)

PS: you can generate those pages using this branch:

Adi Roiban

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