The latest message after installation - where can I translate it?

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Mon Oct 5 14:42:03 BST 2009

2009/10/5 Bruno Patri <bruno.patri at>:
> I had the same issue with French translations and Karmic Beta. You should
> try with the latest daily build:

Still broken yesterday at least. Can someone reproduce (or not)?

2009/10/5 malditoastur <malditoastur at>:
> When I need to find or correct a string, I download the language pack
> at:
> After that, I uncompress the package, and search the desired string with
> the command:
> find . -type f | xargs grep 'the_string_you_want'

I find it easier to search the .mo files directly. Open
- it's a simple script that I/we use. It searches both langpack PO
files (/usr/share/locale-langpack) and universe PO files
(/usr/share/locale). Not debian-installer and such though, but most
and not only those in Rosetta. Launchpad.

It's currently hardcoded to Finnish (fi) and could indeed be more
intelligent otherwise as well, but it is easy to change. You can use
it to search words or sentences, and it gives the file name for each
occurrence found. It's especially useful to more inexperienced users
when one sees eg. some typo and wants to know which PO template it's
coming from.


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