delete one user's translations

Mikel Pascual mikel.paskual at
Mon Oct 5 10:11:55 BST 2009


Recently some users made me aware that we slipped through some wrong
translations in the basque translation of inkscape.

Aparently, when the translations where open, a user uploaded a lot of
spanish sentences in the basque translation.
As an example:

The upstream project's translation is ok. The problem lies in the old
launchpad translations.
I tried uploading the original po file to launchpad, but it didn't work.
That user's translations remain there.

How could I fix that?

Also, this user's translations are commonly bad, and we have to correct most
of them.
Tracking them down is a real pain, maybe all of them could be wipped out of
launchpad? Then, translating the blank sentences would be straight forward.
It's a pity deleting one user's work, but been there so much to translate,
finding them is just not plausible.
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