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Wed Nov 4 23:23:17 GMT 2009

În data de Ma, 03-11-2009 la 20:17 +0100, Bernard Banko a scris:
> Hello.
> How would be the best and the quickest way to unify slovenian gnome and 
> ubuntu translations?
> How can I get a list of strings per package that's different in gnome 
> and ubuntu?
> Are the packages even the same?
> Thanks for suggestions.
> Bernard.


I will try to share the workflow from the Ubuntu Romanian team (2 main
translators). First of all we are also GNOME translators and we
translate first in GNOME.

There are some GNOME translations done in Launchpad, mostly suggestions
and fixed from other users.

In the Ubuntu Translations page for each language we have the "Needs
review" and "Changed" columns.

"Needs reviews" are those suggestions or changes that require review
from one of the Ubuntu Translation team members.

"Changed" are those strings that differ from the upstream version.

What we do, is just a manual compare of Launchpad and GNOME

On we have the list of GNOME
translations and we compare it with

As long as all big/major translations are done first in GNOME, there
will be little work to keep them in touch.

For GNONE, we use Launchpad translation just as a way to collect
feedback from users, as it is much more simple/easy to suggest a
translation for one text.

Hope this can help you! For a more interactive chat, feel free to ping
me over IRC. 


Adi Roiban

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