u/k/x/edu/buntu docs template names

Adi Roiban adi at roiban.ro
Fri May 15 13:25:53 BST 2009


I would like to ask if someone is againt the renaming of u/k/x/edu/buntu
docs templates.

My suggestion is the following renaming scheme:

add-application (from ubuntu) -> ubuntu-doc-add-application
add-application (from kbuntu) -> kubuntu-doc-add-application
add-application (from xbuntu) -> xubuntu-doc-add-application

The main goal is to ease the translations of u/k/x/edu/buntu docs, by
clarify the source package for each template.

I know that by looking at the URL you can tell that, but this is not a
translator friendly feature.

Also the page listing all templates for ubuntu-doc or kubuntu-doc is
somehow hidden from the general translators and also all those links are
pointing to a page listing all languages.

We can argue that this is a Rosetta bug, but we all know that Rosetta
developers are very busy.

If you don't see any drawback, I am ready to do those changes.

Adi Roiban

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