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Mon May 4 11:10:35 BST 2009

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> Hi all,
> just a reminder that this week is Ubuntu OpenWeek ->
> As such, there will be a series of IRC presentations, and Ubuntu
> translations will be featured as well:
> * Today, at 19:00 UTC Adi Roiban and Matthew East will be talking about
> translating Ubuntu documentation.
> * On Friday 1, I'll be talking about Rosetta and some of the recently
> (and not so recently) implemented features people might not know about.
> Of course, there are lots more of topics you might find interesting.
> Simply have a look at the timetable on the Ubuntu OpenWeek main page and
> whenever you'd like to attend a session you can join the
> #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat IRC chat rooms on Free Node
> (the latter in case you want to ask any questions).
> Have fun!
> Regards,
> David.

Hi translators,

I have added the links to the logs of last week's OpenWeek sessions
related to translations here ->

I'm sure you'll find them interesting.


David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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