Ubuntu Dutch translation team is closed. Solutions?

Wouter Bolsterlee wbolster at gnome.org
Fri Mar 20 12:26:12 GMT 2009

2009-03-20 klockan 13:18 skrev Adi Roiban:
> Basicaly we should ask Bert Van de Poel to send his translations to the
> Dutch team and one of the team members will review the translatons made
> by Bert. Is that correct?

Yes, at least that's how I understand the Ubuntu Dutch Translators'
policies, which are modelled on the Gnome upstream policies. (Note that I'm
"just" the upstream guy ;))

> Or the Ubuntu Dutch team is only reviewing Ubuntu specific translations
> and all other translations should go upstream?

Anything that is not Ubuntu specific should be primarily translated
upstream. Sometimes initial translations for a non-Ubuntu specific package
come from a downstream contributor, but in the end it's best to maintain all
translations as close the source as possible (i.e. upstream).

    — Wouter
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