cups and cupsys confusion

Adi Roiban adi at
Mon Mar 30 13:17:40 BST 2009

În data de Lu, 30-03-2009 la 11:00 +0800, Arne Goetje a scris:
> Adi Roiban wrote:

> The members of the Ubuntu Translation Coordinators team (you are now one
> of them), can do the migration.
> For this, because the template and translations in 'cups' are newer than
> the ones in 'cupsys', we export everything from the 'cups' package,
> disable and rename the template in the 'cups' package, move the old
> cupsys package over to 'cups' and import everyting again into the "new"
> (former 'cupsys') cups package.
> Confused? :)
> The steps to do, are the following:


> 5. Upload the new tarball into the already moved 'cups' template in the
> 'cups package.
> 6. Watch the import queue for that template, if the template and .po
> files get auto-approved or not. If not, you need to do it manually.
> 7. If you should need to approve .po files manually, don't forget to
> make sure the "Language" dropdown box in the approval form fits the
> language of the .po file.
> I'll leave this one to you as an exercise. ;)
> If you get stuck, ask me.

I tried to modify the priority for a template and got an access denied
error. This is why I thought that I can no longer modify template info.

I'm working on this, but I don't know where is the link for uploading
the tarball (step 5). 

Many thanks for your help! 
Adi Roiban

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