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Tom Davies tomdavies04 at
Sat Mar 21 13:26:03 GMT 2009

I find it amazing that in the last few posts in ubuntu-translators we have seen such dedication to Closing groups and making them inaccessible to people that just want to join in for a while and then move on.  I can't help feeling that this is directly against the OpenSource philosophy.

Also i find it remarkable that people are so hugely dedicated to making sure that Ubuntu only has american.  Sure there are some parts translated into some other languages and those parts are probably great examples of craftsmanship or great art.  Meanwhile most of Ubuntu can only be read in American-English.  

I really think things need shaking up and radically new thinking needs to be implemented to Open this up as what we currently have and the attitudes it encourages are at odds with the rest of the OpenSource Community.  Please tell me we have someone working on opening doors rather than just on closing them.  

A few people are doing a huge amount of work and i'm sure this ungrateful outburst is the last thing they deserve to hear.  The fact that we have got something this far this fast and the fact that we do have so many thousands of strings translated at all is extremely impressive and is almost entirely down to the work of a very few people who deserve medals imo.  

Regards and good luck to all

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