Ubuntu Dutch translation team is closed. Solutions?

Kenneth Nielsen k.nielsen81 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 10:56:47 GMT 2009

Maybe there is a bit of a misunderstanding here. There is a difference
between the team being closed down, i.e. no work being done at all,
and the team being closed, which just mean that you cannot become a
member of the team before you are approved. Closing the team is from
my POV a necessity to assure quality and the Danish team is closed,
but it is certainly not closed down ;) (More like slightly dormant,
until we get a way to distinguish between packages that contain Ubuntu
specific strings and those that don't ;)

Regards Kenneth Nielsen

2009/3/20 Matthew East <mdke at ubuntu.com>:
> On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 4:05 AM, Adi Roiban <adi at roiban.ro> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Via the following question :
>> https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/rosetta/+question/64194
>> I found out that the Ubuntu Dutch translation team is somehow closed and
>> is asking new translators to work upstream.
> This, if true, is extremely worrying. The Dutch translation team
> contains many experienced contributors to Ubuntu (I've copied some of
> them into this email) and I don't think they would intentionally wish
> to subvert one of the fundamental policies of Ubuntu (making the
> software available in the user's own language) for Dutch speakers.
> Clearly there are a lot of Ubuntu-specific strings, and Ubuntu
> documentation is only translatable through Launchpad, so an active
> translation team for Ubuntu in Launchpad is absolutely essential.
> Let's find out what the problem is, if any, and take it from there.
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