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Hi Tom,

2009/6/16 Tom Davies <tomdavies04 at>

> Hi all
> I still find it odd that Ubuntu ships with a variety of different english;
> us, gb, aus etc which ensures that almost everyone has to install the
> additional language pack and then pick their own language.  For me it's
> great because i can cut some of the bloat out by simply removing the extra
> languages ability although i would then have to suffer with american.

If I'm not mistaken, we ship a single language pack set for English
(language-pack-en, language-pack-gnome-en, language-pack-kde-en and their
-base counterparts), which contains en_GB, en_AU, en_CA, en_NZ and en_US

I understand that there are some English-speaking communities which want to
have different translations to reflect the way they speak, so I cannot see a
real issue here.

Can you explain your problem in a bit more detail? Is your issue with the
space the extra translations in the language pack take?

> If it was technically feasible to have just en_us, fr, perhaps spanish and
> maybe one or two others rather than all the different english versions we
> currently have then more people would have the sweet advantage that i
> currently enjoy.

To what advantage are you referring to? What do French and Spanish have to
do with the English language packs?

> There are technical reasons that would make this more complicated than is
> immediately obvious.  A huge change requiring a lot of work for a low
> priority minor issue that most people probably don't notice anyway is hardly
> something i can imagine people jumping on, it's just a thought about where
> we might want to head in a few years.

We are always interested in feedback, so I appreciate you sharing your
thoughts. Maybe if you could specify a bit more what the problem you are
experiencing is and what you are suggesting as a solution, we could start
from there.

> Btw, congratulations on all the hardwork people :) Jaunty 9.04 is looking
> great.  Also great to see a high level of commitment from an official
> source.  It's great to see governments actively supporting gnu/linux's but
> even better to see one giving support to specifically Ubuntu.  I think the
> whole world of computer users benefits from this as well as being a good way
> for government departs and the rest of the people of the country.  Perhaps
> i'm being far too idealistic but developing ways out of paying licencing
> fees to a foreign company's profit margin has got to be a good way to help
> the local economy and to help resist the americanisation of the world.
> Diversity breeds innovation and success.
> Thanks and regards all
> Good luck from
> Tom :)
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